A bottle of red for the perfect dinner! 

Some of the best celebrations come with a nice bottle of chardonnay or a bottle of some fancy champagne. We all like to open a bottle of something nice when the time comes and that really is the way it should be. The general rule of thumb used to be white wine with lighter meats and red wine with darker meats. Basically, if you are reading this, you are probably looking to read up a little bit about wine in general and a little more about red wine as that is what we are going to be talking about today.

The separate occasions on which we have the different wines is what really gives them their identity. We make these unconscious relations with certain events and what should be eaten and drunk at these events based on our passed experiences as well as pre conceived notions which we may have about the event and the drinks. Red wine has always had this… romantic personality to it, maybe because it’s red? We really don’t know why but it has just come to be synonymous with a nice date or a fancy dinner with your romantic interest whom you are with at the time.

Since you have been reading so far, we think it’s time that we address what you are actually here for. A recommendation for a company which can give you a nice bottle of red wine. The wine itself we are going to be talking about in a little bit, but for now let’s talk about Nicks, the company which will be supplying you with just about whatever kind of alcohol you are looking for. Nicks has been in the business for over 60 years now and is a locally owned family run business which has made its place in society as one of the most prominent alcohol sellers in the country. They will probably have just about anything you are looking for and will ensure that you get what you want.

Since we already discussed the fact that we will be talking about red wine today, let’s get down to that now shall we? The wine of topic today is the famous Penfolds Grange, one of the most famous wines in Australia and across the world. This really is one of those bottles for a fancy night, you’ll see what we means when you see the prices, and they are no joke.

Penfolds was originally rejected by a unanimous decision by the wine tasters who were testing it out once it was made in the early 50’s. However, the original winemaker at the time and pioneer of this specific drink, kept at it and worked on it till he finally had the bottle of wine which was ready to be sold all around and which would become one of the most famous wines.

As you would expect, this really is one of those bottles of wine. One of those bottles you need to try at least once in your lifetime if you have the opportunity. Even if you aren’t much of a red wine drinker, this really is something which might have the potential to “convert” you and make you fall in love with it.

However, we suggest that you brace yourself and throw your budget out the window when it comes to Penfolds Grange. The prices start high and only go higher after that, they can go up to 4 digits and that can be hard for some people. Worth it though…

One of the best things about Nicks as a company is that they have everything readily available and ready for you to pick up. However, if you’re not in the mood for that then they have a solution for that as well. They offer to deliver the bottle of choice to your home so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of going out and having to get it yourself. Home delivered alcohol! Who wouldn’t like that?!

One thing we would like to say is that you should enjoy your drinks but not abuse. We hope that you would drink safely and responsibly and do not pose a danger to yourself or anyone else around you.

Other than that we hope that you have a great time and enjoy your drinks!


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