Get Your Joints Checked As Often As Possible.  

Surely we are all aware of the effects of age, the effects it has on our skin, organs and bones. It can be difficult to come to terms with it at times but at the end of the day, it’s something none of us can avoid in anyway. Sure we can delay the onset, by trying to stay fit and healthy for as long as possible but really, it’s just delaying the inevitable process of ageing, one which will completely immobilise us at the very end and then… well… you know the rest. This isn’t us trying to demotivate you or scare you about ageing and the latter ages of your life in general. They can be some of the best years you have experience, the golden years as the say. All you need to do is know the signs when they come around and maybe visit a doctor for frequent checkups regarding your health.

When it comes to old age one off the first things to give in is the strength of your bones. Arthritis is a very common thing to affect your bones as you age. It can be incredibly uncomfortable and painful at times dude to the fact that bones in the joint begin to rub against each other, leading to a very uncomfortable situation. Another issue to occur in your bones is the development of osteoporosis, which is a gradual degeneration of the bones over time as you age.

On the subject of visiting doctors, David Slattery is a doctor in Melbourne who has come to be known as one of the most experience and preferred doctors for issues regarding joints and the issues which you may face with them as you increase in age. We will be talking a little more about the doctor today, as well as other issues which you may come across, relating to his line of work. 

The doctor in light today is Dr David Slattery. He has attained a degree from the university of Melbourne and has comes to be accredited with several honours, awards and accomplishments. He aims to ensure that the clients and patients whom he treats are safe and comfortable when they come to him and can rest assured that they have come to the right place and are in the beset hands.

His area of expertise is hip, pelvis and knees. He tends to try and treat the patients with physiotherapy and medication as much as possible and only in the most severe and necessary cases does he recommend surgery. Even in surgery he tries to ensure that the process is minimally invasive joint replacement Melbourne 

As we age, one of the most common areas to give in is actually our hip and pelvic area. You hear about hip related issues all the time and the solution is most often hip replacement surgery, it’s usually the one way which can help get your back to a somewhat normal state. Hence the reason hip replacement surgery has become somewhat of a norm, the older you get.

Dr Slattery tries to deal with the case using the best of his knowledge and the expertise and experience which has gathered over the years. Being so highly accredited, you can be sure that he will be able to take care of you and even if it means surgery, he will make sure that you are safe and sound after your joint replacement in Melbourne.

Knees are another common area to go bad as you age. They can be a real issue when you need to do simple task like walking or climbing up stairs. Sitting and standing too can be a trial at times and cause major discomfort and pain if the condition is not check up on. Knee arthritis can be a real problem for the elderly and cause a tonne of issues in basic functioning.

We suggest going over and getting some advice from the doctor regarding the joint issue and gauging what he says and the treatment which he suggests.  

We hope you get the necessary treatment for you ailment and return to the normal functioning health in order to live out the golden years of your life the way you were meant to in the first place.


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