Important Things to Consider When Making a Wedding Invitation

We all know that the first impression is the last. The first thing that we get before going to a wedding is the invitation. Couples do a thorough analyzation of the venues, dressing, photographer, theme of the wedding day and many other things. The only thing that they do not consider is the design of the wedding invitation. Although, this is the first thing that guests, family members and friends get in their hand before an event takes place. 

Many people do so many mistakes in printing the wedding invitation, which creates confusions among the guests. They are either not sure about the date, venue or the dress code. It is advisable to hire professionals who design the card as per the requirements and budget of the couple.  

Types of Invitations 

There are many types of wedding invitation available in the market. Following are the few types of invitations that couple generally prefers to pick for their big day. 

  • Boxes 

Some couples like to have an invitation in the form of a box. They add many things as per their budget inside the box. Some people love to have chocolates, toffees, snacks, sweets or nuts inside the box. It is a luxurious invitation card. The prices of such cards are high and mostly preferred by the elite class. 

  • Plain Card 

Another type of invitation is a simple card. Couples like to have the picture on the front cover, and details inside along with the name of the family, venue and date. The choice is solely dependent upon the couples and their preferences. We have to consider a few things while designing a card as these mistakes can create such huge confusions. Therefore, it is advisable to proofread a card before printing. 

Important Points to Consider 

Now, the question that arises here is that what are the things that can go wrong while selecting the card and what mistakes can we make in designing the invitation. Following are the things that can explain the confusion in a better way. 

  • Know the Theme 

We must decide on the theme as soon as we finalise the date of the big day. We have seen many people who are confused about the theme of the wedding day. They have so many ideas in their mind. We cannot connect all the ideas, and we have to quit one or more ideas. The best way is to pen down all the ideas and analyse the budget and circumstances of that time. It makes it easy to make the choices of the theme.  We must clearly define the theme of the event in the card so that people dressed up accordingly. 

  • Location and Time 

The location and time have so much importance in the card. If we do not mention the time in the card; then how will the guest come to know about the event. They will never come on time as we have not mentioned that the event will take place in the night, afternoon or evening.  

  • Choose Words Wisely 

We have to choose words and phrases wisely. We must know that some jargon is not acceptable in some states and religion. We try to avoid such languages and try to pick the words that are simple and can clearly understand. We do not want to hurt the feelings of anyone before the marriage. Wedding is a happy occasion, and we must pay attention to the small details. 

  • Too Much Wordy Doesn’t Look Attractive 

We have to make the card creative and elegant. Too many details and sentence will make the card crowded, and people tend to see and throw it away. They find that they are reading an essay, which is not a good thing. We must choose an elegant wedding invitations, which is précised and complete. 

  • Colour of the Card 

The colour of the card defines the theme of the big day. Light colours look good in the invitation card and a tiny hint of silver or gold work as a cherry on the top. Stone and sparrow offers the services of luxury wedding invitations. We have a creative team who can design your card as per your choices and demands. Check our website for more information. 


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