New To Vaping? Things You Must Know! 

Even though vaping isn’t a new terminology anymore, but those who are new to it, know that everything about it screams confusing! All the terminologies associated with the products found inside are alien to a common human ear. This is the reason, most of the people refrain from switching to vaping, because it gives them the notion that vaping is going to be difficult and uncomfortable. Well, to be frank, it is not. It is way better than the conventional cigarettes, and once you stick to it, you won’t find cigarettes appealing at all. We understand it is important that you must know what makes a vape setup, how every different piece works and how they all make your vaping experience better. Hence, we wouldn’t want you to be confused on how vaping works, so we are putting in all the information in this article that will help out vape newbies. 

How Does Vaping Works? 

The most dominant and the most perplexing question is actually understanding how vaping works. Those who are about to try it for the first time are actually left confused at the sight of an alien equipment. It is absolutely significant for you to know how vaping works, and the answer is quite simple albeit a little complicated to grasp. Simply put, first of all, there is a tank that contains the vaping liquid of your choice. It also contains cotton wicks, which absorb the juice. You can buy the vape liquid Australia to get started, so you understand it even better. Once you activate the device for use, the coils in the tank heat up, which evaporate the juice, and in turn, you inhale the vapor. Simple! It’s the simple science that we have been studying or hearing about since a long time. On the flip side, while the functioning is quite simple, there is another side to it as well. How a vaping device work, completely depends on multiple factors including, the type of device you are using, the type of coils, the tank of the device and a lot more. While you don’t have to get into the details in so much depth, but we are breaking down the basic elements below.  

What Is A Vape Made Of? 

As mentioned above, a vape or an E-cigarette seems like a complicated system, but it works on a very simple way that follows conversion of a liquid to a vapor. But what you must know is that there are a different type of e-cigarettes that suit multiple usage and needs. The device that you particular use for vaping purposes is otherwise known as atomizer. It is generally available in three different forms; the clearomizer, glassomizer and cartomizer. Aren’t the names super difficult and sound like a jargon? Well they are! Just like these, every single e-cig is constituted of a battery, which is also named as the coils, the tank and the mod. To understand what a vape is made of and how it works, you need to know that there is a battery, which powers the device and can be integrated into the unit and is replaceable. Then there is a mod that houses this battery, hence helping you charge the device. Second comes the coils that are basically wires, which wound in a coil shape. The coil is what heats the liquid on the wicks. This create the vapor you inhale. In the end there is a tank, which holds it all in, consisting of a wick, the coil and the e-juice. Coming to which type of tank you should choose, it depends on your budget, however the most popular for newbies is sub-ohm vape tanks. 

When To Change The Coil? 

Ending this article with an information on when the coil should be changed? Just as there are many variations of the tank, there are variations of the coil too. When the amount and taste of the vapor isn’t the same anymore, it will be the time to change the coil. No rocket science here, because all you have to do is to remove the base of the atomizer, take out the old coil and then replace it with a new one.  


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