Online shopping; advantages and disadvantages

As its name implies, online shopping refers to the form of shopping through digital media, where customers select and book the orders on the receipts’ website or app and then the seller will send the selected order to the address of the customer or shopper. Its like shopping from home. You can select, customize or order anything of your choice and then get it sitting at home in some days decided by the sellers. Like offline shopping on the online market, there is some kind of sales like cosmetics sale, women’s tops for sale, shoes for sale, bags for sale, skirts for saleYou may dive into the ocean of shopping sitting in your home and select anything you want and in case if you did not find your desired thing or could not select anything to buy then there will not be the regret of wasting of time or tiredness. 

Advantages of online shopping 

Mostly women are fond of shopping, so they are always exploring for any sale whether it’s shoes sale, womens tops for salejewellery saleskirts for saleor any kitchen appliances for sale. Nowadays, in this pandemic situation of covid, they cannot go to market and search things from shop to shop so they are doing the same thing on online platform of shopping.  

Here are some advantages of online shopping given below: 

  • On online mode, you can buy anything which is private or you may get embarrassed or shy when buying offline standing in the shop, as here is no one to judge you. 
  • Here you can buy old items on lower prices which is very difficult to find offline. 
  • In online shopping there is no pressure on us of time or of any shopkeeper who let us buy many useless things through their selling skills. We can do shopping anytime we want on online mode of shopping. 
  • When you are shopping offline in the mall or market then you must have faced a crowd especially during some events or special occasions but in online shopping there is no worry about the crowd or hustle and bustle over here. You can take enough time to choose your desired thing; no worry about parking or hurry to come back to home. 
  • Here you can compare the products of one seller to that of other in regards of their prices, quality and reviews of the products so you may have some idea about the things you should or should not buy. 
  • Here you have much more control over your choices like you may have much more time to think and are think about your choice and order not like buying things from the market watching only in one glimpse. 
  • Now, on special occasions there is no excuse of not sending gifts to your loved ones i.e., mothers’ day, fathers’ a day etc. You can send your gift directly from the seller to your desired address paying online for them.
  • We may get more variety of things in online shopping like when there are women’s tops for sale, shoes sale, or skirts for sale. You can take enough time to get investigated about all the brands, their sales, size and color of the products and all other things which you notice while buying anything. You may have a large variety of things over here. Also, the stock of online sellers is usually large and versatile comparatively.
  • In online shopping mode, you can have low prices of products as you are buying directly from the manufacturer without the third person being involved. This is only manufacturer-seller kind of marketing. You can also compare the prices of the products e.g., when two manufacturers are offering women’s tops for sale, or skirts for sale then you might can compare the prices of the same thing offered by two different sellers so you can choose the thing of your choice’s price. 
  • Convenience is the most important favour offered by the online shopping as here is no need to stand in a queue waiting for payment or a crowd to face. 

Disadvantages of online shopping 

  • Sometimes even the best-selling companies have to face delay and problems in delivering the products. Or sometimes the products are also delivered to the wrong address many times. 
  • In online mode of shopping, there are more chance of getting scammed from others like credit card stealing, online buying, account hacking, delivering incorporated product.
  • Sometimes we may spend most of our time online choosing our favorite things we want to buy this is much of our wastage of time. 
  • Online shopping reduces the people’s direct contact so manufacturer who is doing his business online can lack the direct communication with the customers. 

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