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Let us be reminded on the definition and meaning of the term” Air Conditioning”.

Air conditioning refers to a process that eliminates heat and moisture from the inside of an occupied space so as to upgrade the comfort of the occupants. It could be employed at both the domestic as well as the official arenas. The air conditioning units draw upon a fan for the distribution of the conditioned air to an inhabited place such as a construction or a vehicle. The objective of cooling is achieved through a refrigeration cycle but it must be held in mind that at times evaporation or free cooling is also benefited from. The air conditioning systems could also be based on desiccants, which remove moisture from the air, and the underlying piping network that possesses the capability to channelise the heated refrigerant to the ground for cooling.

The air conditioning service.
This generally embraces the technical as well as the after sales support in addition to the professional sound advice with reference to your device. The high quality air conditioning service Melbourne is aimed to minimise the downtime in the unforeseen event of a complication concerned with your system. Furthermore, you may consider yourself to be on the secured side to acknowledge that the quality conditioning service for your machine necessitates provision of the ensuing:  

  1. Dedicated specialist for the servicing of your appliance. 
  2. Comprehensive spectrum of the spare parts as well as the accessories. 
  3. Swift response and thorough maintenance capabilities.is empowered 

You should make it a point of concern for yourself as well as for the professional organisation involved that their team provide air conditioning service, repair and maintenance of your brand of air conditioning along with the associated electrical system. The technicians you relate to should be in possession of adequate training and preferably academic attainment that ensures that their knowledge and skills are up to date keeping in view the altering advancements in the air conditioning technology. You must experience strong confidence while calling the professional with regard to their ability to solve your particular problem any time of the twenty- four hours and that too remaining within your financial constraint.  

To be more specific, the air acclimatizing overhaul organization should be able to demonstrate its professional competence specifically in the shape of subsequent elements: 

  1. BSA certification. 
  2. Refrigerant handling license. 
  3. Refrigerant Trading Authorisation. 
  4. Full Insurance (Public and Product liability). 
  5. Health and safety accreditation. 
  6. Fully qualified and experienced technicians. 

When your air conditioner requires an air treatment maintenance that you construe as more than the regular one, then it is time to go for hiring a professional service technician. You may retain the important point that the well trained and adept professional would be the one who prior to fixing the problem satisfies himself as well as you regarding the identification of the fault. The aforementioned would assist you at preserving psychological peace and your precious time in addition to saving on your funds.  

The technician should be expected by you to dispense the succeeding services: 

  1. Check for the correct amount of the refrigerant. 
  2. Test for the leaks regarding the refrigerant through the employment of the leak detector device. 
  3. Arrest the refrigerant that is perceived to be eliminated from the system, in contrast to releasing it illegally into the immediate atmosphere. 
  4. Check for the duct leakage in the central systems in addition to sealing it as well. 
  5. Gauge the air flow along the evaporator coil. 
  6. Perform the confirmation check on the appropriate electrical control sequence and ensure that the heating and the cooling systems do not operate at the same time. 

In continuation of the above narrated: 

  1.  Inspect the electrical terminals, demonstrate cleaning and tightening of connections and apply the coating of non-conductive nature when required. 
  2. Oil the motors and examine the belts in connection with tightness and wear. 
  3. Scan the precision of the thermostat. 

In view of the present composition it is apprehended that you would be in vigorous state of mind while calling the service technician as well as when getting your air conditioning unit fault rectified. You may envision that the scientific research, being conducted internationally as well as Australia wide, would result in the stunning discovery: the laser technology and the photo beam technique, that uses photons, would be engaged for according a maintenance check to the electric appliances inclusive of your air conditioning system. 


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