Robust Temporary Fencing To Establish No-Go Areas For Your Sites! 

When you’re on a construction site, there are designated areas which need to be cordoned off for security reasons. On construction sites, its health and safety concerns are of top priority and are one of the main focuses of on-site activity.  Hence the reason for all the traffic equipment and security protocols to be followed. You can often see orange water barrier on site to make sure that vehicles follow their designated path and don’t go all over the place into no-go zones. With the boring, drilling and welding, you have to be as safe as possible due to the fact that just about anything can hurt you on site, hence the need for the hard hats and orange jackets.
ShoreHire is a company which deals with construction company supplies and services. They have everything from fencing, and traffic equipment to trench sheeting supplies in their line of work. They have been working on several projects around Australia. We really won’t go into detail about them you can find it on their website when we attach the link below. However, ShoreHire is most definitely working on some pretty big projects these days because they are one of the leading companies in their industry and they get the job done. Everyone knows it. 

Going back to talk more about the fencing which they offer, you can see the fences on their website for a closer look at them. They are basic standard metal fencing which is meant to do its job, which is keeping people off the site. With ShoreHire, temporary fencing hire Sydney you will find that the fencing is a pretty solid structure and isn’t going to be knocked over or broken through all that easily. Each fence panel weighs around 27kgs and have a concrete base for stability and support. Which means that the fencing really isn’t going anywhere as even the concrete base weigh roughly 30kgs. This is in place to act as an anchor for the fencing and keep it steady and as robust as possible because let’s face it, a fence isn’t really a fence if it’s not strong enough to do anything. 

Moreover, fencing is a great way to let people know that this place is a no-go zone. People generally wander into places not knowing that it is private property and then when they get caught they have to deal with charges of trespassing. With their temporary fencing for hire, you will know what area is a no-go-zone. Moreover, you can post signs on the fences such as “Do Not Enter” or “Construction Site”. Children often like to sneak into construction sites to have a bit of fun with their mates, which is understandable, they’re kids. However, the reason to keep them off is the safety hazards that come along with being on a construction site, therefore, the fencing acts as a way to keep just about everyone out of the site.

Other than that there are other uses for the fences as well other than just for the construction sites. Perhaps if there’s an event such as a big concert coming up, and some areas need to be cordoned off for security reason, the temporary fences for hire would be a great way to add an additional layer of security and keep things running smoothly and securely. Furthermore, the fencing is also good for areas which have a lot of people gathering together, such as a protest or again, a big event in the city. The fences will not only establish no-go areas but also highlight a direction to follow if they are placed correctly

For a better look at their fences, you can head on over to their website by clicking on the link which we will be provided below. You can also go over some of the other products and services which ShoreHire, has to offer as well as gather the contact information required.
As mentioned earlier, consider browsing through some of the projects which they are currently on as well as everything is available on their website.
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