Teething done the right way.

It is a fairly well known fact that babies love to put things n their mouth. Even better known is that they have a tendency to chew on literally anything that they put in their mouths. Many of us discover this the hard way, whenever the baby puts either our fingers or some precious belonging and decides to test out his or her new teeth on them. What we put off as regular, unintelligible baby behaviour, however, is much more complex than we realize. Babies usually use their mouths for two purposes – one is that babies generally tend to discover the world around them using their mouths. The second reason is that teething is something that is extremely relieving and soothing for the child. With new teeth pushing to get through their gums, the babies are understandably distressed and try to chew as many things as they can in order to relieve some of the pressure and pain in their gums. Teething is thus a natural process that each and every child will go through, but that doesn’t make it any easier to get past. However, there are certain ways that parents can stay prepared for this dreaded time and can make it easier for their cranky baby as well.

When your baby starts to drool from time to time, and starts to throw temper tantrums for no apparent reason, you should know that it is finally time for your baby to start growing new teeth. While games and other things can keep the baby distracted, what we really need is a solution, and in this situation the only solution is to get a teething toy. Many of us don’t realize the importance of teething toys until we have a baby of our own. These toys can really help calm the baby down, because they can be a safe, soft surface that they can happily keep chewing on whenever they wish to soothe their gums. A good teething toy will have a specific texture which can be especially relaxing for the baby to chew on. Many parents can imagine that buying a teething toy would be one of the easier parts of having a baby, but unfortunately that isn’t the case. We cannot pick just any other teething toy for our child because a badly made one can actually cause more harm than good.

A teething toy that is too hard can actually end up hurting the baby, while one that is just too soft can end up being torn to bits soon. A good teething toy needs to have a body which can be gripped safely and firmly by the baby, and it is extremely important that the teething toy has no parts which are either too big or too small, as they can easily get stuck in the baby’s throat and become a choking hazard. A teething toy also needs to be easy to clean; otherwise our cute looking toy can turn into a cesspool of bacteria for our child. With so many things to keep under consideration when getting a teething toy, parents can find themselves understandably confused. However, the best option to go to is the very classic, icon of all teething toys, Sophie giraffe.

Sophie giraffe is a teething toy which has rightfully earned all its fame. Sophie is a cute giraffe who is sure to become your child’s best friend in only a short amount of time. Sophie giraffe is easy to grip, and her texture is perfect for biting down on as it isn’t too hard nor too soft. There are no parts which can become potential choking hazards and thus she is completely safe for use. In addition to helping your child through the teething period, Sophie can help your child explore all of his or her senses, as she has visually stimulating prints and makes a small noise when squeezed.

This little giraffe can become your child’s best friend and even yours as you get through the dreaded teething period. At the Baby Gift Company, you can find the perfect Sophie Giraffe toy for your child or to gift to a new parent.


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