The Secrets of Cosmetic dentistry!

Nowadays, everyone is grooming day by day and getting more cognizant about their looks and personality. Like all other features of the face and body, our teeth also play an important role in our appearances and looks. Some people do not have nice teeth alignments that’s why they go for different solutions, tips, and tricks for that. Braces and Invisalign are considered trendy these days. 

Cosmetic dentistry is a method in dental field to beautify or teeth and smile. In this field, dentists work for refinement of our teeth whether for cleaning them or aligning them. They work to improve the shape, appearance or color of our teeth. 

Traditional dentists work for the health of teeth and gums while cosmetic dentistry based in Lane Cove refers to beautify your guns and teeth and ultimately your smile. It ranges from teeth whitening to complete makeover of your teeth and smile. Cosmetic dentistry is being very famous and trendy day by day.

Here are some cosmetic dentistry services: 

  • Whitening of teeth 

Besides the products available for teeth whitening, this is done on dental clinics as well. Dentists work for whiten your teeth which got yellowish or stained due to different reasons like due to contaminated water etc. 

  • Coverings 

If your teeth have permanently pale yellow or any colored then you may go for porcelain made veneers to cover the original color and make teeth and smile more attractive. 

  • Bonding 

They can serve you by bonding your broken, cracked, yawned or stained teeth using bonding tooth-color. They can also fill up the holes in the teeth/molars caused by cavities. 

  • Crown lengthening 

Crown lengthening is a major surgery in which remnant gums are discarded to make the teeth crown more prominent making smile more attractive. 

  • Tooth reshaping 

Tooth reshaping is also called as ‘dental contouring’ in cosmetic dentistry. In this method, the dentist reshapes the teeth by enhancing or discarding the enamel of teeth. 

  • Smile makeover 

All the techniques or services mentioned above contributes solely in making smile more elegant and beautiful. 

Following is the most commonly used aligning technique: 


Invisalign is a technique used by dentists to align the teeth of patients. In this method, a transparent, clear and removable frame-like structures are put on the teeth so that the teeth could get a fine shape or arrangement easily. Invisalign is used as an alternative to braces because of multiple motives. This is an innovative and latest technique used by dentists these days. Teeth can be aligned easily by using Invisalign in Lane Cove 

Benefits of Invisalign 

  • Easy to clean 

If you are having any other treatment for aligning your teeth like braces, you must have to visit your dentists to clean up the rubbers or bands from there but using Invisalign is convenient because it minimizes the visits to dentists. You are provided with a clear frame-like structure for teeth to put on and you don’t need to visit your dentists again and again. 

  • Convenient when eating 

You can put off the invisalign when you are eating, that’s why it is painless for tongue to get scrapped from that. You can put it off while eating and put on again after eating making life much easier with this technique.

  • Invisible 

Invisalign is more comfortable as it is transparent so that no one can know about your dental treatment or it does not look weird when you smile. 

  • Easy to use 

If you are using braces you need to go to your dentist to tightening your braces or fixing them again but using invisalign you don’t need to visit your dentist over again. You can put it off and on by yourself.

  • Suitable for everyone 

Invisalign is harmless and can be used by every one of every age, but some parents or dentists wait for teen age for children to use it as they will be able to take care of it. 

  • Suitable for many problems 

Invisalign is the best technique for many dental problems related to teeth alignments like gap between the teeth, crowded teeth, cross bite, open bite, under bite etc. 

Why should we go for a cosmetic dentistry? 

Here are some reasons to go to a cosmetic dentist: 

  • Whenever you face a dental problem like tooth decay then you must go for cosmetic dentistry as soon as possible so that you may get treatment on time.
  • If you get your teeth broken or cracked in any accident then you must go for a cosmetic dentistry.
  • If you one or more crooked teeth then you must visit a dentist, he might serve you with invisalign or braces to align or straighten them.
  • If you found any teeth which is malformed which disturb your whole set of teeth then you must go to a dentist.
  • If your teeth got decolorized then you must visit a dentist.
  • If you have any teeth missing even naturally then you may go for a suitable cosmetic dentistry.

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